Create Your PowerShell Profile

You can create a PowerShell profile to customize your environment and to add persistent elements to every PowerShell session that you open. Think of profiles as a logon script for PowerShell that lets you tweak your experience and have it persist every time you open a new window. The automatic variable  $PROFILE contains the path to the profile for the “Current User, Current Host” profile script.

Initialize Your Profile

If you have never opened your profile before it won’t yet exist. To check for an existing profile use Test-Path .

If it comes back false create your profile using New-Item .

Edit Your Profile

Editing your profile is like editing any other PowerShell script file. You can open your profile in the editor of your choosing and start adding customizations.

Open your profile in PowerShell ISE:

Open your profile in VS Code:

Example Profile

A basic profile example that tweaks the prompt, adds an alias, and a custom function.

Warning: PowerShell Load Time

With a larger and more complex profile it can start to have an effect on how quickly PowerShell opens. To troubleshoot whether or not your profile is responsible for poor PowerShell load times open the run dialog <kbd>Win</kbd>+<kbd>R</kbd> and open PowerShell with the -NoProfile option.

Windows Run Dialog

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