• Name: Nick
  • Location: Canada
  • Occupation: IT Security
    • former Systems Admin III.
  • Industry: Software / SasS


I started this blog/website because I am a bit of an odd cookie when it comes to learning and perfecting skills. One of the things I have found helps me immensely in solidifying my understanding of something is to answer questions and teach it to others. I learned a good portion of my PowerShell knowledge by answering other people’s questions on forums.

I take questions posted by other people, research and test the answer, and then write out the answer in a way they will understand. This process let’s me learn new things outside my bubble and cements the answer through writing the explanation.

Recently at work I transitioned to a roll that while still requiring automation and scripting requires less than I was doing before. This blog will also serve as a way of keeping my PowerShell skills and passion alive as I use them less in my professional life.

I plan to post guides, practical examples, tips & tricks, and eureka moments I have while scripting. Hopefully someone finds this information useful.